About Us

Riccardo Bompiedi, Italy

Founder and Coordinator of the Group

We founded our group to enable international organizations to achieve outstanding results across the world, with sensitivity to local culture and language, but also considering any possible different local performance levels. By so doing, Global Growth Group became a very solid reality and a great reference point for many multinationals.

Our members are not common professionals, not only for their capabilities and experience, but also for their personal values, their integrity and their passion.

Entrust yourself to Global Growth Group, and we will work with you to improve your performance and effectiveness on the global market.

Global Growth Group is an international network of training, consulting and coaching companies helping clients to grow their business and to encrease their competitiveness locally and all over the world.
At present the Group consists of 30 members, providing delivery capability across more than 40 countries in 5 continents.

We can count on over 150 highly expert and competent trainers, consultants, coaches and mentors, which will help you to increase business and organizational efficiency and implement internationally harmonized initiatives in your local operations.

Partnering with Global Growth Group enables firms to:
Implement efficiently initiatives to improve outcomes in areas such as Sales performances, Management, Marketing and Communication
Engage local teams by implementing tools and expertise required to be successful
Harmonise globally skills development programs by ensuring consistency and homogeneity for the trainings although respecting local approaches, cultures and attitudes
Optimize costs of roll-out global training

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