Other Solutions

All our trainers and consultants are also able to successfully provide a road range of programs designed for all corporate roles
and functions.

Here are some examples of training programs we offer to our customers:

Business Acumen

Methods and techniques enabling people to understand how business works. All of us are required to take decision to reach our objectives, but some decision may not be effective or, worst, may affect other functions. Business acumen helps people to take better business decision not only for their function but also for the whole company, developing the capability to see the relation between the driver of the business.

Transforming Tomorrow's Leaders

Tomorrows Leaders”is an intensive short course, designed to help managers and entrepreneurs to open doors in themselves that they always suspected existed, but to which they could never quite find the key. Our aim is to help you to ‘draw out’ your true, full potential as leader. The course includes a full exploration of Emotional intelligence, Mindfulness and Sustainability in Leadership & Business.

The Competitors Game

It’s a training game that helps sales people to analyse competitive situation, find winning points of your offer and present them in a convincing way, create the need for Added Value and make customer ready to pay for it, be motivated all the way to the end. A real way to learn by playing.

Marketing Plan

How to put marketing strategies into practice. We bring marketing people to set clear objectives that will help you toward your medium-long term strategic goals, to plan all activities to reach them and to leverage your 7P’s of Marketing Mix: Products, Pricing, Position, Promotion, People, Process and Physical environment.

Project Management

Methods and skills to build a Project with a work breakdown structure, create a project plan, create the project budget, define resources, manage the project development, identify and manage risks, and understand the project procurement process.

Product Management

How to manage your products at any stage in their lifecycle effectively. Topics include all phases of the Product Lifecycle, the role of Product Management and Product Marketing, strategies, launches and roadmaps.

Change Management

Managing change is a very important skill if you work in a quickly changing business environment. You will learn how to manage the external and internal forces causing change, such as leading a new initiative or project, transforming the culture of the organization, entering new markets or launching new solutions or products.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Skills and methods to face problems and decisions effectively and quickly. Through or Problem Solving & Decision Making workshop, you are going to learn systematic processes to eliminate thinking biases in order to think clearly to arrive at the right solution ain any situation.

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