Managerial Skills Training

Our Management Development programs are targeted at Senior and Middle Managers,
first-time Managers and those who aspire to move into a leadership role.
This program is aimed at helping our customers get a better understanding of their expectations as a Manager and manage their tasks effectively.

The topics below are not intended to be a complete list of our offerings, but rather a guideline of the range of work we could provide:

Management By Results

If you are a CEO or a Director or if you are in charge of a business unit or a team, to be successful you need to enable your team members to achieve organizational objectives. We bring Managers to define both vision and targets and to translate them into measureable results, by organizing activities and monitoring carefully performance over a period of time.


Leadership is fundamentally different from managing resources, people and tasks. Being a leader means first of all achieving the ability to manage oneself and to recognize one’s own strengths and weakness. It means having great values and leading by example.
A leader knows how and to whom to delegate and is able to motivate a team, at the same time recognizing signs of disengagement. They can use different styles of management and leadership in different situations.
We enable Managers to develop a Leadership mindset, raise their awareness to superior leadership behaviours and to help organisations thrive and succeed in today’s dynamic business environment.

Performance Expectations and Reviews

How to discuss and set performance expectations with your team so that they can be clear about their responsibilities and achieve the highest level of commitment. How to review performance and results and focus on opportunities and improvement.

Training and Coaching

Successful Managers enable people around them to dig deeper into their inner potential, ability and knowlodge to become more resourceful. We focus on using a structured approach to encourage team members to think through problems and find solutions that work for them. We transform Managers into excellent coaches, mentors or trainers in order to give their team constant and constructive feedback.

Emotional Intelligence and Communication

While skills & knowledge are essential, Emotional Intelligence plays a crucial role in determining whether a Leader is accepted within the team or not. We enable Leaders to manage the essential elements of emotional intelligence: Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Motivation, Empathy and Social Skills. We emphasise the importance of listening and communicating positively and effectively while modelling exemplary behaviour.

Conflict Resolution

Conflicts at work are natural and unavoidable. How teams handle conflict will determine their success in the long-term. We help Managers to focus on establishing a clear understanding of what causes conflict situations at work; we will assess individual conflict handling styles or preferred communication approaches, and learn easy to use techniques to handle conflicts in a professional manner.

Change Management

The only constant in every aspect of our existence is change. Our ability to deal with change is one of the keys to happiness and satisfaction. We look at how change impacts enterprises at an individual level and how predispositions can impact our ability to cope with, and thrive during, periods of change.
We provide tools that allow people to build resilience, confidence and capability to ensure a higher level of participation in change projects. Ultimately we help our customers to build change-capable cultures that can thrive and grow in periods of uncertainty.

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Decision making and problem solving are essential capabilities for all Managers. People often make decisions unconsciously and sometimes we think that the best decision is not deciding at all. The problem often lies in making a choice, often more than making the right choice. Both decision making and problem solving involve many personal and interpersonal skills, including logical and analytical thinking, emotional intelligence, creativity, sense of responsibility and courage. We enable Managers to learn a variety of techniques and processes di decide fast and effectively and to solve problems with determination and confidence.

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