Sales Training

Global Growth Group has a proven track record in helping professional businesses achieve sales excellence.
With our state of the art Sales Performance programs we enable Sales Professionals to unleash their full potential.
We spread best practice processes and tools in Sales organizations and above all, we focus on results.

Global Growth Group works to get the most from your salespeople: motivation, sales skills and planning.
By doing so, we align the main customer-focused parts of your organization to create a genuine
and sustainable competitive advantage.

Our methodologies are powerful, cutting edge and results oriented.
All our members can count on highly experienced professional sales trainers and consultants with proven track records in the real world of sales in a wide variety of industries.
Our Group has the capability to deliver large-scale, global roll-outs that are consistent yet sensitive to local issues impacting our sales approach.

Core areas of development

Successful Sales Professionals must be able to:


Analyze situations and needs, set goals and plan the right activities to achieve outstanding results


Influence decision makers


Organize processes to satisfy customers expectations


Estimate results and correct or develop his own activities in order to improve outcomes in long-term period

Here are some examples of training programs we have run successfully.
Our trainers always tailor training courses to the customers situation and reality.
We are all still sales practitioners who bring vast commercial experience.
We continuously “practice what we preach”.

Sales Training Programs

Sales Organization and Planning

Simple, efficient and practical tools and methods enabling salespeople to analyze their sales territory and customer portfolios, to define sales targets and to efficiently organize commercial activities. At the same time they and their sales leaders can analyse results and performance. The focus is always the delivery of consistent sales activity.

Basic Selling Skills

Tools, methods and techniques for anyone new to sales or for those who want to review fundamentals. It is designed to build confidence when making initial contact with the prospect and to understand the psychology and principles of buying  and selling.

Consultative Selling

Setting up a business relationship by taking care of customers’ needs, even when they are unconscious. Building high-level skills to ask high- questions to discover want and needs. Then using information to select the best solution based on the expectations and resources of our customers.

Value Selling

Selling more efficiently and profitably by focusing on the customers needs and by proposing Value-Added benefits that specifically match them, not a cheaper price or a simple competitive advantage.

Complex Sales in B2B

Effectively managing sales in complex or large organizations involving more than one decision maker. Improving expertise to convince a majority of the decision makers and influencers, even when they aren’t always obvious.

Key Account Management

Coordinating activities and resources to manage very important customers. Achieving a thorough understanding of key customers with a long term focus, by planning strategies and activities to develop sales and relationships.

Negotiation Strategies

Building the right behaviors, attitudes and strategies to bring any negotiation to a win-win conclusion. Planning all activities and organizing all information to successfully manage the whole negotiation process, from the preparation to the signed agreement.

Sales Presentation Skills

Bringing salespeople who have well-established one-on-one  skills to be able to successfully present ideas, projects and solutions to a group.

New Products Launches

A high-impact program that will prepare sales teams to present a new product successfully, avoiding a simple presentation of technical features and marketing statistics. They may not have a second chance…

Time Management

Managing your own time efficiently and productively is a highly valuable skill. Building methods and tools to identify the right priorities, to plan activities and to meet planned commitments while keeping disturbances and “time thiefs”under control.

Other Commercial Training Programs

Customer Service Skills

Improving Customer Service skills to efficiently handle enquiries, complaints and promotions by developing the right customer-focussed approach.

Tele-selling Skills

Techniques to make inbound or outbound prospecting calls more effective or improve up-selling to existing customers, maximizing the positive outcome of every sales call.

Effective Communication for Sales People

Verbal and non verbal communication techniques to build and improve strong business relationships with prospects and existing customers.

Sales and Economics

Knowledge and amazing simulations tools to make sales people aware of the impact of all their decisions and choices on the bottom line.

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